What We're Saving For

 Below is our list of technical equipment that Centaurus Theatre Company is hoping to buy with our fundraising proceeds over the next several years. Your donations will go towards our purchase of these items We thank you for your continued support!

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Highest Priority Items

EMBRACE™ Earmount Microphone

Price: $399 Need: 25 This microphone can be attached to the ear for a comfortable and nearly invisible fit. It is made from flexible, waterproof material that allows it to be adjusted through 360 degrees of motion. It provides clear sound without feedback and is compatible with our existing wireless receivers. Our current microphones are bulky and transmit signals inconsistently. By using more comfortable and reliable microphones, we allow our actors to develop their ranges without being limited to what they can perform loudly. Ear-molded microphones are the industry standard and allow both our actors and sound technicians to work with technology they may see in a professional setting.

Source Four 360 Front Meniscus Lens

Price: $53 Need: 2 Many of the current lights in the theater are Source 4 360 Ellipsoidal Spotlights. This lens is a replacement for scratched or broken parts from normal wear and tear. It considerably extends the lifetime of a spotlight. We use these lenses as a cost-effective way to refurbish our existing lighting equipment.

ETC Source Four 25-50 Zoom Ellipsoidal Spotlight

Price: $790 Need: 2 This spotlight provides a bright beam while consuming a low amount of power, making it an efficient and flexible option. Its one-handed zoom allows a technician to focus it from a more secure position. It is compatible with a wide range of accessories. At 750 watts, it can provide a strong beam from a distance of up to 35 feet. These lighting instruments give us a diverse lighting option that can adapt to the needs of the show.

Ikan LiveCom1000 Wireless

Price: $1900 Need: 2 These wireless headsets and intercom base allow for real-time communication. Each included belt pack has a battery life of 8 hours on a single charge and utilizes noise-canceling technology to create clear sound. Students working as technicians often need to communicate backstage during showtimes when speaking loudly or moving between the wings of the theater is disruptive or impractical. These headsets are more reliable and discreet than the walkie-talkies we currently own, and are likely to be found in a community or professional theatre.

Altman 8-Leaf Barn Door

Price: $80.80 Need: 18 This barn door device attaches to the front of a light to control the amount of light passing through at a certain angle. This allows the lighting designers to create a more focused or diffused beam, or deliberately leave an area dark to highlight another section of the show. The Altman 8-leaf allows for more precise adjustments than a 4-leaf barn door, giving control in 8 distinct directions. Barn doors are used to create a range of dramatic effects. This allows our lights technicians to create advanced designs with the added layer of control over each light’s field.

High Priority Items

ETC ColorSource PAR Deep Blue LED

Price: $885 Need: 18 This LED light can reach a range of deep blues and magentas, unlike any other available light fixture. Its simple interface, light weight, and compatibility with or without an external lighting board make it perfect for use in an educational setting. These lighting instruments give us an adaptable lighting option that will be used in every show.

ETC Colorsource Linear 1m LED

Price: $1200 Need: 10 Unique thermal management algorithms keep colors and brightness consistent over a long-running period. This light is best at producing warm, vibrant colors and pastels to enhance skin tones and nature scenes. It diffuses well across a wide area and can be easily combined side-by-side with other units to flood the entire stage. This light would greatly increase our overhead lighting capacity and ability to create large areas of illumination. Training our students on current technology, such as these, opens up opportunities in university and professional theatre.

Avolites Diamond 4 Vision

Price: $9500 Need: 1 This professional-grade light control board allows the user to program complex sequences and experiment with 3D simulations of the stage. Upgrading our current light board will allow our students to develop skills that they can use in community and professional theatres after they've graduated from Centaurus. This board improves upon our current training board because of the more advanced commands that technicians can input.