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Meet The Board


Galen Leftwich -- Secretary

Galen Leftwich is a junior at Centaurus and is ready for his first year as secretary this upcoming year. He has been in theatre ever since sixth grade and joined Centaurus Theatre Company at the beginning of his sophomore year.


Galen is also the head of the set department and is ready to build some mighty sets. It may be hard to find him outside of theatre, with how much time he spends there, but when he isn't in theatre he likes to play games and hang out with friends. He is ready to support the theatre community as best as he can.


Galileo Hannigan -- Treasurer

Galileo Hannigan is a Junior at Centaurus High School and is ecstatic to get the opportunity to serve as Treasurer for CTC during the 2022-2023 school year. Leo has been involved in theatre for many years and joined CTC in the fall of his freshman year. He found the community inspiring and fulfilling and continues to be surprised and awed by what CTC is able to do and the compassion everyone is able to have every day. He ran to be a part of the board to try to contribute to the program that gives so much to so many different people and to continue to improve and grow it.


Outside of theatre, Leo loves to swim, bike, hike, and sail. If he is not in the theatre, most likely he is outside frolicing in the rain. He also loves math tests and finds them calming, as weird as that is. If you need anything, feel free to reach out to him at with any of the questions, comments, or concerns you may have. He is so excited to get to be with the amazing community and welcome its new members this coming year!


Ava Zackoff -- Head of Publicity

Ava Zackoff will be a junior for the 2022-2023 school year. She’s been a part of CTC for two semesters: acting in two productions, helping in costumes, and been a part of the makeup team. As Head of Publicity she aims to bring out the best of CTC and display it for the enjoyment of our audience. She also wishes to increase the exposure of our theatre company to bring about more opportunities in the future. 


Outside of theatre, Ava is pursuing some of her passions. She has a passion for helping others and will be attending Boulder Tec next year, enrolled in the EMR program, in hopes of jump starting her medical career. She can also be found taking care of her baby brother, taking part in some sort of art or creation, and spending time with her dog Rey. She is reachable at if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!


Ayden Edgar -- Production Manager

Ayden Edgar is a Junior at Centaurus, and is in his third year with CTC. He is so happy to be able to serve as Head Of Tech for the next year. Over the past two years Ayden has grown his portfolio in technical theatre lighting, sound, set, props, and even some acting. As a member of the CTC Student board, he hopes to bridge the gap between the technical departments, and the other aspects of theatre, such as the actors or pit, to build a more cohesive and community-based program. He also hopes to make sure communication between the board, director, and the members of the theatre runs smoothly so that everyone knows what is happening around them.


Outside of theatre Ayden can be found serving as the secretary and voting youth member of the Broomfield Library Board, as well as other various volunteering around his community, such as acting as a Vice-Commissioner on the Centaurus C-SQUAD. He is always happy to help with anything, especially technical issues. Ayden cannot wait to see where this theatre goes, and is so happy to be a part of influencing its future.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ayden with any questions, whether they are related to theatre or not, he hopes to always be there to help!

Anna Boromisza-Habashi -- Vice President

Anna Boromisza-Habashi is a senior at Centaurus High School, who is excited to serve as your CTC Vice President this coming year! In her previous three years participating in the program, Anna has been a member and head of the costumes department. She is incredibly grateful for the community and support she has received from the theatre company over her high school career, and hopes she can aid in maintaining this safe and kind environment as Vice President.


Anna has lived in Colorado for most of her 17 years, and is a proud first generation American. When she is not in theatre, she enjoys traveling, knitting/crocheting, playing tennis, and watching people try and pronounce her last name.


Caleb Loewengart -- President

Caleb Loewengart is a Senior at Centaurus and since a young age, theatre has been a huge part of his life. He has been a part of Centaurus Theatre Company since the first week of his freshman year and has loved every minute of it. Caleb has acted in CTC productions since 2019, been a part of the Set Department, and was the Head of Publicity for the 2021-22 school year. As President, Caleb aims to further strengthen our CTC community and help it evolve as it grows and it's reach expands. He wants to provide the same safe space to learn and grow for others that CTC has been for himself.


Outside of theatre, Caleb is an artist. Planning on pursuing a post-secondary degree in fashion, he can often be found sitting behind his sewing machine or covered in fabric scraps and threads. His knitting comes with him everywhere and he loves to play with color and texture. works at a candy store, where he tries to make every moment as sweet as possible!

People say that they find Caleb scary, but he's never understood why! He's always available to talk if you have any problems or just had a really awsome day and want to tell someone about it. He also wants to hear your ideas for how to make CTC the best place it can be! His email is and he hopes you reach out.

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