Meet The Board

Arianna McCarty -- President

Arianna McCarty is currently a senior at Centaurus High School and plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering before going to medical school. She’s been involved with Centaurus Theatre Company since the fall of 2018 in both acting and set. Her various roles have included dance captain and CEO of the shed, but she’s most excited to serve as CTC president for the 2021-2022 school year! As president, she aims to increase fundraising, improve departmental communications, expand set build participation, and ensure that leadership is accessible to all students. In addition, she’d love to hear from you about changes you’d like to see, so feel free to contact her or just come up and talk to her!

When she’s not at theatre, Arianna acts as a commissioner for C-Squad, the secretary for Technology Student Association, and as a research assistant for the Layer Lab at CU Boulder. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, singing, and reading research papers, as well as spending time with her friends. Ari absolutely loves set build and the smells of sawdust and the grinder, so chances are you’ll see her there quite often. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to help CTC thrive, and looks forward to representing its members as best she can!

J Dickson -- Vice President

J is a senior at Centaurus and is the vice president of the Centaurus Theatre Company. Though she has only been a part of the program for two semesters, she participated in Boulder's front of house department for her sophomore year prior to transferring. J also loves to figure skate, not only by herself but with her team. Aside from that, in her free time, J loves creating different projects and painting portraits. She is excited to take on our first year back to relative normalcy.

Zoe Pawlak -- Secretary

Zoe Pawlak is a senior this year at Centaurus, and is excited to work her second year as secretary for CTC. She’s been acting since 2013 in various productions and summer camps, and hopes to continue to do so well into college and beyond. Out of all of the productions she’s been in, the ones at Centaurus have been her favorite, as she truly loves the community the company has become over the years.

Outside of school and theatre, she works as a cashier at Jax Ranch and Home, and does her fair share of sewing, embroidery, and various other art mediums. Zoe loves CTC very much, so she is more than happy to write as many emails as are demanded of her to appease the masses. She’s always happy to answer any questions and hopes to be a friendly face both inside and outside of rehearsals. Please feel free to contact her whenever, and she thanks you for reading this bio to learn more about her!

Alex Silver -- Treasurer

Alex Silver is a rising senior heading into their third year with Centaurus Theatre Company. They are honored and excited for their second year as CTC Treasurer! Stay on the lookout for information for current and upcoming fundraising opportunities. They’ll be sending out updates via email and our website. Please reach out at to discuss your ideas, concerns, and questions about CTC, or just to chat! 


Alex is also the head of our set department, and is looking forward to building more crazy pieces for our shows this year. They have a love-hate relationship with mountains, and a hate-hate relationship with paper mache. 


When they're not in the theatre, Alex can probably be found on a long walk, listening to a scary podcast, or reading a sci-fi book with a mug of hot tea. Their current favorite song is "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears, although anything by Hozier takes a close second place. They're an avid fan of Criminal Minds and Sherlock, as well as a self-proclaimed Harry Potter expert. 

Kenzi Alipit -- Head of Tech

As a Senior at Centaurus, Kenzi holds the title of head of tech. She has been part of the Centaurus Theatre Company since her second semester freshman year. She began her time in the props department and, since then, has been familiarized with the rest of the departments. Kenzi loves to figure skate and has been doing so since she was around four years old. In her free time she enjoys watching horror gameplays and doing anything creative. She believes this year is going to be very successful for the company!

Caleb Loewengart -- Head of Publicity

Caleb Loewengart is a Junior at Centaurus, and has been invested in theatre from a young age. He has been a part of Centaurus Theatre Company since the first week of his freshman year and has loved every minute of it. Caleb has acted in four CTC productions, as well as being part of the Centaurus Theatre Set Department. This year, Caleb is stepping into the role of CTC’s Head of Publicity. His main aim is to increase exposure to CTC productions and increase Centaurus Theatre visibility on social media.


Outside of theatre, Caleb is still an artist. He has a passion for fashion and can often be found sitting behind his sewing machine or covered in fabric scraps and threads. His knitting comes with him everywhere and he loves to play with color and texture. Since he was 12, Caleb has taken dance in styles such as Musical Theatre, Ballet, Tap, and Contemporary. He loves to improvise and use movement to feel through a song.

Caleb is always available to talk and answer any questions, comments, or concerns relating to or completely unrelated to theatre! He is reachable at He can’t wait to see what the next year at Centaurus Theatre Company has in store!