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  • How do I join?
    Joining CTC is easy! You can come to one of our interest meetings at the beginning of each semester, where we'll give you all the information you need about our company. If you can't make it to one of the meetings, no worries! We have people that join at all points in the semster, so just stop by after school. If you have any more questions, fill out our form on the Contact Us page or dm us through Instagram You can also follow us there for updates about what's going on. We hope to see you soon!
  • What's the weekly schedule like?
    Our schedule changes from week to week, but you can expect to participate in theatre activities 2-4 days each week. Actors may not be required to come in every day, depending on what scenes are going to be worked on. Techies have varying workloads and time commitments, depending on their department and what each head has planned for the week. We also have set builds most weekends that we encourage everyone to participate in. During the last two weeks leading up to a show, the time commitment does increase a fair amount. We are normally in the theatre 5-7 days, racing to get everything done before opening night, but having fun along the way!
  • Do I need any prior experience?
    No! Theatre should be accessable to everyone, no matter your skill level or prior experience. As long as you have a love for theatre or want to explore a new extracurricular, you'll fit right in!
  • What does a techie do?
    There is so much involved with theatre tech that we have to split it up into eight departments! Depending on what you're interested in, you can help with set construction, sound design, lighting design, prop design, costuming, stage managing, hair and makeup, or front of house. You can even help with multiple if you want! If you have any more questions about the specifics of a department, reach out to us through our form on the Contact Us page or by dming us on Instagram.
  • What should I bring to rehearsal/tech?
    - Your script - A writing utensil (preferably a pencil) - A water bottle - A snack - Closed toe shoes (ESPECIALLY for tech) - Yourself!
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